News James St Boutique
I can't begin to express how much gratitude that I have for this amazing lady. The guidance, support, kindness and positive encouragement that she has shown throughout my journey has inspired me to grow and be confident, not to be afraid to tackle my dreams and goals 100%.
I have known Lesa many years through sports and other social circles, however never really knew her. Over the last few months I have been blessed to work one on one with her as part of her amazing life coach program - Creating Calm Esperance. I have spent many hours in the "Zen Den" drinking tea, working through problems and limitations that inhibited me from discovering the real me.
Lesa is calming, patient and an outstanding mentor. She knows exactly the right questions to ask so that you reflect and are enlightened by your own discoveries. She very professional at what she does, I have shared a lot of personal details about myself, she never issued a judgement or made assumptions based on her own values or beliefs, this time was for me 100%.
I would like to thank Lesa for introducing me to her life coach program, it has given me the drive, confidence and ambition to move forward out of the "Rut" we call life and be aware of everything that is beautiful around me and to notice the things that really matter. "To stop and smell the roses as they say".
So for anyone that feels that they are stuck in "ground hog day mode", I highly recommend getting in touch with Lesa (Creating Calm Esperance), it will be one of the best things that you've done for yourself.
Thanks again for being my friend, showing me the light. Your program has inspired me to create my business web-page and online store which is something that I have always wanted to do,
but not had the courage to pursue. Much Love xx