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Kuloko Piha Sandfree Towels

Kuloko Piha Sandfree Eco Beach Towel

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  • Kuloko Piha Eco Friendly Towel.

  • Great for the Beach, Adventures, Yoga & Travel. So versatile. 
  • Ultra absorbent, quick drying, compact, UV stable and sand repellent, leaving the environment where it should be. 
  • Made from PCPB (Post Consumer Plastic Bottles) 30% of which come from our oceans.


  • (1) The PCPB is collected then washed and crushed into tiny flakes.

  • (2) Melted and formed into Repet pellets that are heated and stretched into fibre that can be used for weaving.

  • (3) This fibre and other softer eco friendly fibers are interwoven in a (special waffle pattern to keep the sand out).

  • (4) Out pops our amazing Kuloko Piha Eco Friendly Towels. 40 plastic bottles go into making one beach towel of 100*160 size.

  • How amazing it that, one towel and your on your way to helping the future of our planet. This towel is a must for everyone who cares about saving our beautiful earth - even if it is 40 Bottles from our ocean at a time.

  • I am passionate about doing all that I can to make a difference in this world and educate as many as I can, if we start making small changes now, hopefully we can reverse some of the mess already made. This is an amazing product, with an equally amazing story - The perfect thoughtful gift for our future. Thanks James St Boutique


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