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Why natural and Organic based products are the right choice for your children's future. Making the change or small changes to the products that you use on and in your child's life can reduce their risk of toxic exposure.
With the high increase in childhood illnesses, such as eczema, airway irritation, and allergies, linked to overexposure of harsh chemicals and toxins in traditional products. Not only that, but we are stripping our homes of good bacteria and making our homes TOO CLEAN, yes! There is such a thing. This leaves your children overexposed to germs and compromises their immune system.
Children need natural exposure to germs; otherwise, their immune systems don't have the chance to develop normally, they form a high sensitivity, and their bodies overreact to harmless allergens, this is called hypersensitivity. Natural products clean just as well, sometimes better, without stripping your household of all that good bacteria, that it needed to fight off the nasties, help your family maintain a strong immune system and keep your family happy and healthy.
Changing the products that we use on and around our homes is a start, but incorporating holistic methods with your mainstream practices overall is definitely a step in the right direction for your whole families health. Consider using natural essential oils to help with headaches, stress, and anxiety, I will continue to update my site with natural remedies and blends that you can use at home, as well as provide you with the best natural products to incorporate into your household.
The holistic approach is not about eliminating all of the traditional items out of your environment, it's about being able to have the option to use both and incorporate them at a steady pace; therefore you can reduce your families exposure. Traditional and alternative medicines both have their place, and there are many situations where a holistic approach simply won't do, its common sense, knowing that you've got the option to try.
It's important to remember that natural products come with first aid warnings, be sure to check individual oils for your situation, some cannot be ingested, do your research.
Children are our most treasured resources, and we should do all that we can to maintain their health at an early age.